Episode 1 - Your Year 7 Questions Answered

Welcome to Stoke Damerel Community College from

Ms MacManus, Head of Year 7


Are you joining us in September 2020? 

Do you have any questions about life in Year 7? 

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Tour of the School

KS3 Area Tour


Return to School

The journey to and from College

Arriving back in College

Break and Lunch




7.1 Tutor Mrs Roberts

7.2 Tutor Mrs Spear

7.3 Tutor Miss Evans

7.4 Tutor Mr McKenzie

7.5 Tutor Mr Stephens

7.6 Tutor Miss Keene

7.7 Tutor Mr Kelly

7.8 Tutor Miss Gratton

7.9 Tutors Miss Adams and Mrs Green

7.10 Tutors Miss Locke and Miss Bannister

7.11 Tutor Miss Aleks

Assistant Learning Manager Mrs Emery