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School Uniform Shop


  • Please be aware there are a range blazer sizes available from 26in chest up to 46in

  • If your child is studying an examination PE course please scroll down for links to purchase their bespoke kit


Our College Uniform

Any student wishing to wear a skirt must wear our bespoke tartan royal blue skirt. We have also selected a range of bespoke classic or slim leg fit trousers that match our improved quality blazer. The skirts and trousers will have the ‘S’ for Stoke Damerel embroidered in black just below the waistband or the pocket. The skirt or trousers are compulsory. Further information can be found within our uniform policy available in ‘policies’ section of the website.

Students are to wear:  

A school blazer and school tie  

A plain white work-style shirt, long or short sleeved  

Stoke Damerel tailored black trousers or the school skirt  

Plain black shoes

Socks – plain black or plain black tights  


PE Kit


SDCC Short Sleeve Top ( to be purchased from School Shop only)

SDCC Shorts /Leggings /Skort ( to be purchased from School Shop only)

Navy Socks (outdoor)

White Games socks (indoor)

Football boots and training shoes


SDCC Training Jacket ( to be purchased from School Shop only)

SDCC ¼ Zip Jacket ( to be purchased from School Shop only)

Long sleeve t-shirts and base layers are acceptable, providing the Stoke Damerel PE kit is visible


Examination PE:

There are a range of items available to purchase for all students who have chosen either a KS4 or KS5 examination course within Physical / Outdoor Education.

Key Stage 4 PE Kit School Shop

Key Stage 5 PE Kit School Shop


Other Uniform Expectations:

Shoes: All students must wear plain black flat shoes that have no logos or white/coloured decorative elements. They must be waterproof (leather-look/polishable) and of a style that is not likely to endanger the wearer whilst in College. Boots, open-toed shoes, sling backs, sandals or flip-flops are not permitted.

Coats: Weatherproof outdoor coats must be acceptable for College use and should only be worn outside and not when inside a College building. Denim, leather, imitation leather jackets, tracksuit tops and hoodies are not acceptable. Coats should not display any inappropriate logos. In cold or wet weather appropriate hats and scarves may be worn to and from College.

Hair: If longer than collar length, hair must be tied back in situations where it could cause a danger to the individual or others, such as in PE and other practical lessons. Extreme fashion hairstyles (eg: very short crew cut, decorative shaved elements or motifs) and extreme hair colours are not allowed - hair must be of a natural colour

Jewellery: the only jewellery which is acceptable is a wrist watch and one pair of small plain gold or silver stud earrings, worn in the ear lobe. No other piercings or piercing retainers are permitted, even if clear. We accept no liability for jewellery brought into College.

Make up: Any makeup worn by students should be natural and discreet. Colourless nail varnish only may be worn. False nails or nail extensions of any description represent a health and safety risk and may not be worn. Students will be required to remove inappropriate make up or nail varnish

Aerosols – Aerosols of any kind are not permitted in school.

Lost property - The College cannot accept any responsibility for loss of property. Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly marked with your child’s name – please check regularly that the name is still visible.



Our policy on school uniform is based on the notion that school uniform:

  • Promotes a sense of pride in the school

  • Is practical, smart and affordable

  • Identifies students of the school

  • Creates a sense of community and belonging

  • Promotes equality amongst students in terms of appearance

  • Has been designed with health and safety in mind

Stoke Damerel Community College: Uniform Policy