June was LGBTQ+ awareness month with this is mind an LGBTQ+ allies and support group has been set up by Mrs Rust for all students, whatever year group, to get together at KS 3 and KS4 lunches.

"We meet to socialise, get information, guidance and support for students, family members or friends and to discuss how to raise awareness of the LGBTQ+ community within our College," said Teaching Assistant Mrs Rust, who is running the group.
"Growing up remains tough for LGBTQ+ young people: 40% contemplate suicide, 52% have self harmed and 86% still hear homophobic remarks.
"Under the Equality Act 2010 we have a legal obligation to promote understanding about LGBTQ+  equality and change prejudice."
If you feel you would like some support and guidance, can offer some support and guidance or would just like to be an alliy then come along on the following days and times:
A Week: Tuesday - 1.20pm SC9
               Thursday -12.20pm EN7

B Week: Tuesday- 1.20pm EB6
               Thursday 12.20pm SC12