How did we get involved?

In the summer of 2012 Stoke Damerel Community College was invited to become one of 21 Dementia Pioneer Schools as part of the Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia.

Dementia Pioneer Schools were tasked with exploring ways to bring education about dementia into the school environment and, in so doing, play a part in creating Dementia Friendly Communities.

Why did we agree to take part?

We consider it our duty to inform and educate young people about dementia.  One in three elderly people get a form of dementia.  This means that if it doesn’t touch our students lives already – through relatives, neighbours or members of the wider community-  it is likely to impact on them or someone close to them in the future.  It is our duty to make young people aware of dementia, to break down stigmas around dementia and to break down stereotypes and barriers between generations.

What was our approach?

We took a quite unique approach to dementia education, placing it across our curriculum, endeavouring to work in partnership with our community and local and national organisations to embed dementia education into as many subjects as possible.

In this microsite you will see how we delivered and continue to deliver dementia education.  You will hear from staff and students who have worked on the College-wide project.  You will also find some resources that will hopefully be of interest and use.

In learning about dementia - and I include both staff and students in that statement - we have become better citizens, more caring people and more enlightened.

I hope that you are able to join us through these pages and through your own educational journey.

Lana Helmore, Project Lead, June 2014

SDCC Dementia