Introduction from Year 8 Learning Manager

Hello, I am Jacqui Bray, Learning Manager for Year 8.  I am so happy to be working with the Class of 2024 and have enjoyed the first term with you all. Although last year was rather disrupted, you all have shown tremendous resilience and settled into Year 8 superbly well. We will have many challenges this year but I work with our excellent year team to help support you and your families to ensure time with us is successful, enjoyable and productive. We strive to provide excellent pastoral care and work alongside subject teachers to build good learning habits. Everything we do is aimed at ensuring that the youngest students in the college achieve and thrive.

Favourite book:  Kate Clayborn - Love Lettering

Year Team

Jacqui Bray - Learning Manager

John Collick - Assistant Learning Manager

Lisa  Burman - Welfare Adviser