Introduction from Year 11 Learning Manager

Hello, my name is Mr Gill and I am the Learning Manager for year 11. I always say the best job in the school is working with Year 11 as we get to help them prepare for their GCSE exams and also help them decide their next steps whether it be continuing into our Sixth Form or taking up an apprenticeship.   I am very passionate about providing exciting opportunities for our students such as careers talks, university visits and external guests coming into our school to inspire them through their exams. I also take great pride in seeing them grow over the course of Year 11  into the fine young adults they become who are prepared for the ‘real world’ when they leave school. One last highlight we always enjoy in Year 11 is the prom night which is a special event for the students to enjoy and make memories that last a lifetime! 

Favourite food - a good old curry! 
Favourite book - Matthew Syed - Bounce 
I am a big fan of all sports but have a particular passion for Manchester United! 


Year Team
111 Miss Dyer
112 Mrs Brown
113 Mr Kelly
114 Mr Axworthy 
115 Mr Klesniks
116 Mrs Hussey 
117 Miss Radford
118 Miss Farrell
119 Mrs Yates and Mrs Gill
1110 Miss Ekpoffiong
1111 Mr Beacham