Introduction from Year 11 Learning Manager


Miss Lewis



I am fortunate to be the Learning Manager for Year 11. I have been a Learning Manager for a number of years and truly believe that it is one of the most rewarding roles within a school. Seeing the students grow into mature professionals is extremely rewarding. Year 11 is so important for students, readying themselves for their exams and preparing for the next step of their lives. Year 10 was a difficult one for the Class 2021 but the work that the Pastoral team and college do to help support is vital. 

Favourite food - My mum's roast lamb! (plus the canteen’s bakewell tart!)

Favourite hobby - Any sport!! I watch most sports and play football, although I'm a little old for this now and my joints don't enjoy it quite as much as they used to! The football brain still works, just not the legs!!



Year Team

111 - Mrs Phillips

112 - Mrs Bates

113 - Miss Burroughs

114 - Mr  Harvey/Mr Edwards

115 - Mr Courteney

116 - Mrs Dyer

117 - Miss Sayer

118 - Mrs Noble

119 - Miss Clarke

1110 - Mr Beecham

1011 - Mr Wellington/Mr Hussey

1112 - Mr Axworthy


Assistant Learning Manager: Mr Nevin

Student Welfare Officer: Mrs Jones