Introduction from Year 10 Learning Manager

Miss Lewis

I am the Learning Manager for Year 10. I have been a Learning Manager for a number of years and truly believe that is is one of the most rewarding roles within a school. Seeing the students grow into mature professionals is extremely rewarding. Year 10 is so important for students to settle and prepare for the exams they will sit in Year 11. For many students this is the year that students begin to really plan their future so allowing students to gain experience in different career paths and opportunities. is vital. The culmination of these opportunities is in a week of Work Experience in July. 

Favourite food - My mum's roast lamb! 

Favourite hobby - Any sport!! I watch most sports and play football, although I'm a little old for this now and my joints don't enjoy it quite as much as they used to! 


Year Team

101 - Mrs Phillips

102 - Mrs Bates

103 - Miss Burroughs

104 - Mr  Harvey

105 - Mr Courteney

106 - Mrs Lane

107 - Miss Sayer

108 - Mrs Noble

109 - Miss Clarke

1010 - Mr Maberley

1011 - Mr Chiswell