Introduction from Sixth Form Learning Manager

Hello, my name is Martin Tinkler and I’m the Head of Sixth Form at Stoke Damerel Community College. We pride ourselves on having a very diverse Sixth Form and it is our role to ensure that all students leave here on the right pathway to a successful future. We begin our guidance in Year 10 and offer advice on what students can do Post-16. Once in the Sixth Form we help students not only achieve their qualifications and reach their full potential, we also equip our young people with the wider skills needed to thrive in life. 

Favourite books: 
A Man Without Breath by Phillip Kerr 
The Black Angel by John Connolly.


Sixth Form Year Team

Vocational Head
Lara Sinclair

Assistant Head of Sixth Form
Debbie Corby


Year 12

Katy Gears
Lucy Heap
John Henson
Dr. Tamsin Wright
Simon Romaine


Year 13
Laura Aldridge
Tim Huntley
Arran Webb