12 March 2020

There has been lots of magic happening in our science block all this week, as our Year 7 and 8 students mark British Science Week with Harry Potter-themed lessons.

The potions, charms and magic lessons were “conjured up” by Miss Cordrey, whose lessons have got under way to the sound of the theme music from Harry Potter!

In the potions lesson, students looked at the science behind how living things such as plants grow as well as how to follow potions recipes. The charms lesson was all about explosions and the science of heating up and cooling down.

In the second lesson, The Care of Magical Creatures, the students were presented with a scenario that tested their science knowledge and problem-solving skills. In the scenario, the magical giant squid that lives in the lake beside Hogwarts has mysteriously died.

The students were tasked with discovering what had killed the squid, by testing with universal indicator the content of three samples of water taken from the lake. They also had to provide the answers to a series of clues.

Miss Cordrey said: “We are trying to get the students hooked on science by really bringing the subject to life - and they are loving it.”

“It has been great fun to do, and we are very grateful to the technicians for all their help in preparing these lessons and making the experience so memorable.”