11 March 2020

Two of our girls are playing starring roles in the success of Power Athletics Allstar Cheerleading, who use our College gym as their training base and have our very own Miss Adams and Miss Bullard among their coaches.

Year 9 student Chloe and Year 10 student Sway were in the Power teams that recently returned from a national competition in Newport with a string of trophies and the coveted banner for being the best overall team at the event.

Chloe’s team came first in her class, while Sway’s team came second. Three of Power’s other four teams competing also came first. Competing with Chloe in her team (pictured) are Lili, aged 12, from Plymstock, Plymouth University student Ysabelle, and 25-year-old Chris, who has competed for England’s ParaCheer Adaptive Abilities team at the World Championships.

The first thing to know about Allstar Cheerleading is that it has nothing to do with pom poms or ‘rah rah’ chanting.  It is a sport that involves athleticism, gymnastic skills, synchronisation and strength. Chloe took up cheerleading two years ago: “I did a curriculum enrichment day at College and I loved it. The image that people have about it is completely wrong. This is actually a tough sport - people get thrown around and you have to trust your team mates to catch you.

“One of the reasons why so many girls are doing it is because it is very good for your confidence, to train and compete in a team sport. I used to be really shy, but cheerleading has made me much more confident. The other girls say the same.”

Sway agrees: “What I like about cheerleading is that it has helped to build my confidence and to make new friends outside of school.” 

Power started five years ago with 20 members. It now has around 200 - and the club is growing all the time. Several of the members are Stoke Damerel students.

The club trains twice a week at the gym. Miss Adams said: “Many are students who we have encouraged to attend the club to help develop their confidence and broaden their opportunities within the community. The chance for them to compete at major competitions is fantastic. These events are at huge arenas and they get to perform in front of literally thousands of people.”

Students who would like to try cheerleading should contact Miss Adams to get involved.