16 December 2019

The EAL Christmas Celebration is the most anticipated event of the year for our students and parents and it was wonderful that so many could join us for the celebration. It was a massive hit with a great turnout!

Students, parents and staff members thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it was lovely to see everyone interacting with each other. It was a wonderful atmosphere.

As with every event, there was a lot of preparation involved. However, everyone came together to create something special, from doing Christmas decorations, finding the right presents for their Secret Santa and nicely wrapping them, to preparing traditional, delicious food from their countries to share with others. It shows great pride of difference - and food is a great way to bring people together, as we know!

Each student was then recognised for their hard work and resilience as well as positive progress. As a college, we aim to gift every student the pleasure of reading. Thanks to our school librarian, Mrs Wrennall, each student went home with their copy of a book.

There were different reading books, depending on age and abilities: 'Jelly' by Jo Cotterill (comedy),  'Drone Racer' by Andy Briggs (sci-fi) and 'Crossover' by Kwame Alexander (sport) and a few more all recommended by the Book Trust.

I was overwhelmed by the generosity of the parents and staff for the time and effort put into the food preparation, with a special ‘thank you’ to Sidonia Losonczi and Zoi Anastasa for going above and beyond.

This is what EAL is all about- the celebration of different cultures!

Aleksandra Halambiec , EAL Manager