6 December 2019

The girls were selected for this important role, after taking part in an FA-sponsored Game of Our Own training day. It also reflects their commitment to girls’ football and their continual demonstration of our Stoke Damerel Community College values.

In their role, Year 8 students Holly and Charlotte and Year 7 student Kayleigh will be creating a marketing campaign to encourage more girls to join in the after-school Girls Football Club. And in the New Year, they’ll have a wider role to play in getting girls more involved in sports in general.

As part of the campaign, they will be creating a slogan, putting up posters around the College and holding talks in assembly. They will also be doing some research, asking girls what puts them off taking part in sport and what changes they would like to see that would encourage them.

In schools nationally, far fewer girls are active in sport from Year 9 upwards, compared to boys, which has an impact on fitness and health.

PE teacher Miss Turner said: “We want to promote girls’ sports and the Football Marketing campaign is a great vehicle to do that. To start with, we want to get as many girls as possible coming to the after-school Girls Football Club and hopefully that will lead to them also getting involved in the Girls Active Club.

“We feel the campaign will have a lot more impact as it’s led by some of the girls themselves, not by staff. Charlotte, Holly and Kayleigh will be able to reach out to the other girls and find out what the barriers are to them getting involved and what can be done about that.

“For example, we know that body image is a national issue.  So, is there something we can do in response to what the girls tell us they would prefer to wear? We hope to support girls and build their confidence.”

She added: “It’s about joining in, having fun and keeping fit. We also hope to develop our competitive girls’ football team further and encourage some new girls to join. Another long-term aim is to have a lunchtime club. And in 2020, there will be opportunities to go on a leadership course where the girls can earn a Youth Sports Trust qualification.”

While the campaign is aimed at all school years, it is particularly targeting Years 7,8 and 9: “We want to get them hooked on sport - and keep them hooked throughout their time at the school,” said Miss Turner. “Taking part in sport and being active has so many benefits and we don’t want our girls to miss out on everything that sport has to offer.”