28 November 2019

Some of our students cycled along with the march to the Hoe for the unveiling of the Nancy Astor statue by former Prime Minister, Theresa May.

The unveiling took place on 28 November and marked the 100th anniversary of Nancy Astor, a Conservative, becoming the first woman MP to take up a seat in Parliament when she was elected MP for Plymouth Sutton. 

She was actually the second MP to be elected - Sinn Féin’s Constance Markievicz won a seat in 1918 but did not take her seat in the House of Commons, in line with the party’s abstentionist stance.

Mrs May said: “When Nancy Astor became the first woman to take her seat in the House of Commons 100 years ago, our country and our democracy was changed for the better.

“Her arrival in Parliament ushered in a new era, finally giving a voice to a huge swathe of the population who for too long had been missing from our politics and our law-making. It was the culmination of many generations of campaigning, protest, suffering and struggle.”

The bronze statue was paid for by a Crowdfunding campaign. 

Miss Le Page said: "The students were accompanied by four Sustrans instructors and had a fantastic day.”