18 November 2019

Our Year 11 Catering & Hospitality students have been cooking up a storm - with pheasant.
Around 90 students attended a masterclass from experienced chef Graham Short, before putting their new-found skills to the test by creating their own pheasant dishes.
They learnt how to debone, prep and cook pheasant in different ways - pan-fried with mushrooms, onions and apricots in a rich Marsala sauce; in a pie with leak, bacon, cider and clotted cream; and coated in spices to create ‘Kentucky Fried Pheasant’.
Mr Short used to run his own pub-restaurant but was able to retire when he was in his 40s because he was so successful. He shared his career advice with the students, saying: “If you get good training and are prepared to listen, watch, learn and work hard, you can have a very successful career in catering and hospitality.
“When I started out as a chef, I was working literally 120 hours a week!  But because I worked hard, I could retire early.”
After the masterclass, it was the students’ turn to get creative - check out the tasty results in the montage photo, which shows the dishes by Soso, Matt and Bethany above those made by Mr Short.
Bethany, who is considering catering as a career, said: “It’s been a really good experience, listening to Mr Short and seeing him at work.” And Matt, whose dad is a chef, added: “It’s been great - but I’m not sure if I want to follow in my dad’s footsteps!”
Teacher Ms Aldridge said: “Having people like Mr Short come in and share his knowledge and skills is an inspiration to our students. And they didn’t just learn various cooking techniques, they also learned butchery skills, and were given excellent careers advice. It was a very successful week.”
The lessons were part of the ‘Game Changer’ initiative by Taste of Game, which hopes to teach 60,000 students to cook game by 2020. The aim is to encourage more people to eat seasonal British game, which is sustainable, free-range, inexpensive and highly nutritious.