2 July 2019

Mrs Rust wrote this account of the Glowing Stars group's trip to the Young Carers Festival at  YMCA Fairthorne Manor: 

On Friday 28 June at 11am 10 students, Mrs Jones, Mr Harris and myself set off from the College to the Young Carers Festival in Southampton,  we got as far as the garage by Argyle then had to come  back to pick up the packed lunches that someone had forgotten…….. silly me!  

On the road again, getting stuck in a traffic jam for over an hour and a half with 10 hot excited young people the phrases “How much longer?” “When will we get there?” “Are we there yet?” resounded in our heads for the rest of the journey!
Finally we arrived at about 5:45 and after a busy evening we finally crawled into our tents at around 1am in the morning, exhausted but prepared to see what the next day would bring.  
The students had a whale of a time over the weekend which was very apparent by the comments that they made which you can read below...