26 June 2019

A group of students went to South West Big Bang in Exeter and were introduced to all kinds of employers and further schooling options with a focus around STEAM subjects, sustainability and the Medical profession. 

Activities included: Beating the fastest athlete - students ran through an acceleration tube. and the air pressure was changed within the tube causing students to be more weightless and so ran faster. Year 8 Joel was the fastest and ran the 10 metres in 1.50s 

Medical Mavericks - Students explored the body through a series of technological devices engineered specifically for the NHS. One of the tools shown to the students was a optical coherence tomography. This device uses infrared light and sound waves to see blood vessels under the skin which aid in diagnosing without invasive techniques. 

Careers Challenge - Students were able to take part in many STEAM challenges through out the day. The Career Captains Challenge was a particular success.Students had the task of finding 20 professionals around the event and finding out what their career entailed. After answering a STEAM question correctly, each student was awarded a sticker. If the students collected eight stickers, they were entered for a chance to win an Amazon voucher worth £50. 

"All of the students on the trip represented us outstandingly and thoroughly enjoyed the day," said Mrs Smith - who is one of the College's STEAM Ambassadors. "It boosted their aspirations and re-enforced their school lessons. Our students showed pride, willingness to have a go and excitement in their learning. Well done!"