20 May 2019

We are extremely grateful to Plymouth Garden Centre who have donated £55-worth of plants to our gardening project.

Year 7 student Bradley began a gardening project at the end of last year to transform the garden at the back of the ASC  (Autism Spectrum Condition) provision.

"We don't really have much of a budget to do this," explained teaching assistant Mrs Rust.

"Plants were purchased by his parents and members of staff also kindly donated plants and plant pots, I also bought compost and other bits and pieces.

"So Bradley and I decided to see if we could get any donations from garden centres, so with this in mind we both wrote letters just before Christmas 2018 and sent them off with fingers crossed.

"In May 2019 we heard from Plymouth Garden Centre in Crownhill to say that they were celebrating 55 years of being in business and with this in mind they were giving 55 bundles worth £55 to 55 companies across Plymouth and we had been selected to receive one.

"A very excited Bradley and I were due to pick up the bundle on Friday 17 May which contained, plants, compost, plant pots and bird seed but unfortunately Bradley had an accident on his scooter before school the day before and broke two bones in his leg and so was unable to go.

"So instead I went with fellow teaching assistant Harry Stephenson to pick up our goodies, they took our photo, put a piece on their website and also included a letter to Bradley wishing him a speedy recovery, thanking him for his letter and have asked us to take Bradley for a visit when he is able to.

A spokesperson for Plymouth Garden Centre said: they "were delighted" to have been able to help.

"We were very much hoping to meet the pupil who wrote to us, unfortunately an accident has prevented that, but we hope the bundle brings a smile and aids recovery!"