27 February 2019

Year 7 and 8 students had a great morning at UTC Plymouth at a Big Bang event taking part in an array of activities from designing and testing Mars landing craft to evaluating the buoyancy of submarines.

"Students were given an array of materials to design a landing craft," said Mrs Smith, Stoke Damerel's STEAM coordinator.

"The mission was to be able to design a craft that would keep an egg from breaking as it was dropped from 20ft on to a concrete floor."

Another challenge was to race radio controlled 4x4s over a track that the students had built.

"Students were given three different materials, newspaper, straws, wood sheets, to build a bridge strong enough to drive a remote 4x4 across," said Mrs Smith.

Students were also tasked with controlling the buoyancy of a submarine via a hydraulic simulator as well as being blindfolded and completing a nuts and bolts mechanical exercise to understand how engineers fix submarines in low visibility water.

The group was also able to test out electrical equipment with a visit aboard RS Components’ interactive Titan II immersive STEM environment.

They got to explore robotics and Virtual Reality and to see engineering in action through 3D printing and its applications for childhood prosthetics and much more.

 "It was an extremely informative, exciting and enjoyable morning," said Mrs Smith.