26 February 2019

Curriculum Collapse is when students get the chance to do something completely different for the day and this time year groups took part in a variety of activities from looking at how to reduce waste to caring for their own well-being.

Year 7 and 8 looked at the science behind the production of plastic and ways that they could reuse and recycle as well as coming up with innovative ways to help eliminate pollution in the oceans and landfill.

Year 9 spent the day considering what makes a healthy relationship while Year 10 covered Modern Britain topics including Muslim and Christian beliefs as well as prejudice and discrimination.

Year 11 had a focus on motivation and preparing for this summer's upcoming exams. The day started off with a special guest appearance from the Fix Up team's Junior Ogenyemi who visits schools all across England giving motivational speeches to inspire students to achieve in life and aim for the best possible results.

Junior worked with more than 100 students looking at specific goals and how the students can achieve their dreams by following the five characteristics of an eagle! 

1) Fly high - aim for the best!

2) Fly solo - This is YOUR time! 

3) Fly focused - no distractions now! Every minute counts.

4) Fly smart. Smart use of time and revision is essential.

5) Fly above the storm. Prepare yourself fully and you will be ready! 

With the students inspired and enthused from Junior’s presentation all of Year 11 then completed a walking/talking mock Maths paper. This had the aim of helping students develop their exam technique and break down those topics they might be finding difficult in exams with the support of their Maths teacher guiding them through each question.

Year 12 and 13 focused on well-being and enjoyed a number of sessions including cooking.