16 January 2019

A group of  Year 11 and Sixth Form girls took part in sessions on Astrophysics, Engineering, Light Refraction and Creative problem-solving at the University of Exeter. 

The girls said they were 'so inspired' by the many female scientists who spoke about their careers, work and experiences.

The students came away with more knowledge about their world and the many careers which engineering encompasses. 

Among the activities they took part in, students used a strain gauge to chart the proportional relationship between the voltage signal and weight of an object. 

"Hannah and Emily received an award from scientist Anna Neves, for winning the Penny Challenge," said Mrs Brown, who accompanied the group.

"Students from various colleges used their data to plot a scatter graph and then use a line of best fit to transfer volts to grams and estimate how many pennies were in a jar, given the weight of one penny. SDCC girls excelled - well done!"