22 November 2017

Museum exhibits from Exeter RAM Museum provided creative inspiration for art students when they attended a workshop at Plymouth College of Art's FabLab.

The Museum Machina workshop was an introduction to  laser cutting and its creative potential as well as providing an introduction to the work of artist Helen Snell.

 "The work the students produced will now be displayed at the museum," said Raising Standards Leader for Art and Textiles, Mr Stephens.

Year 9 student Millie wrote this account of her day:

"I enjoyed investigating new ways of creating art – it widened my experience and has allowed me to see a future in the arts.
We looked at a necklace produced by women from the Co-op during the wartime. It represents women standing together and fighting for equality.

My piece of work is about how small things can turn into much bigger things. I have taken an acorn to show how things grow to a massive oak tree. This was inspired by the journey made by the wartime women from the Co-op.

We went from drawings first, to putting the design onto the computer. It was then laser cut out of Perspex. I added a paper and clear plastic layer to add the detail. I really like the final piece, the design really shows up with the green background."

Tags: News: Academic Year 2017-18