18 November 2017

One of the College's classrooms was temporarily turned into The Houses of Parliament - complete with its own despatch box - for Parliamentary Education Day.

Year 8 students were given the chance to learn about the workings of our parliamentary democracy thanks to a visit from Parliament's Education Service (PES) as part of  UK Parliament Week 2017.

The day began with an assembly by Rosamonde Birch from PES before students took part in a series of debating workshops which saw them taking their turn as Speaker of the House and other parliamentary roles as they debated the issue of lowering the voting age to 16.

"There were very eloquent debate contributions from the students, " said Rosamonde Birch.

"I hope they now have a better understanding about forming their own opinions on the big issues in their lives and how to present their opinions."

 Emile was the Speaker in his session and said he had learned a lot during the day.

 "It was interesting to find out how much power the Speaker has and I would definitely recommend other people to go to a workshop like this if they get the chance."

Mrs Burn, the College's Modern Britain coordinator, said it was a "fantastic opportunity for students to see democracy in action".

"They were able to consider an important topic that will affect their futures and it was interesting that, after a number of well-argued debates, the students decided not to lower the voting age to 16.

"They did, however, agree with the importance of becoming active and informed citizens at an early age so that they are well-informed when the time comes for them to vote" she added.

Parliament comes to College

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