23 June 2017

A fourth session of Blow Your Mind enrichment events for HAPs saw students making their own rainforests, baking the perfect bread and debating controversial topics.

"We have introduced exciting new enrichment events this academic year for HAPs (High Achieving Pupils) called Blow Your Mind," said Mrs Beacham, Assistant Vice Principal (HAPs).

"Each half term selected students from each year group are working with a different department and doing something they would not have the chance to do in usual lessons.”

This time the College also welcomed a number of visiting pupils from local primary schools.

The Geography department worked with Year 5s from Stoke Damerel Primary and Montpelier Primary to create their own rainforests in a box.

"As well as discussing with great empathy and emotion the issues that tropical rainforests face and the consequences of deforestation for the whole planet, Mr Campion then outlined why he and Mrs Osmaston have a passion for teaching Geography," said Miss Hill, curriculum assistant.

"The Year 5 students' minds were blown at the thought that they held a key, that they could make a difference in the world."

Kate from Montpelier said: "There are four layers in the rain forest, the under-canopy is my favourite as it is the most exciting, it is where all the action happens and where the snakes, bugs and jaguars live."

Meanwhile in the Library Year 9 students were debating the topic Should There Be Freedom of Speech on Social Media?

"I was astounded by the students' responses and how clever they were about their thinking," said Mrs Matten.

"Year 9 did us proud using languages to express their opinion and making great use of ICT to enhance their presentations."

Mr Hatcliffe set  a group of students the challenge of  completing a circular outdoor adventure challenge for their Blow Your Mind event.

Starting from Shaugh Prior they had an immediate challenge to get to the top above the Dewerstone.  

"The students were given a route choice and easier longer route or the shorter, steep route," said Mr Hatcliffe.

"The HAP students rose to the occasion and chose the steep route requiring them to scramble up to the top.

"Once on top the views were spectacular all over Plymouth and Dartmoor.  We then walked the ridge line back to the cover the trees and some shade.

"All of them excelled in the challenges presented to them en route."

Year 8s spent their HAP session in the food technology block - learning the science of baking from Mrs Stockton.

"This was a great opportunity for students to build cross-curricular links between Science and Food and then put this knowledge into practice by creating their own breads," said Mrs Gears.

It all smelled and tasted great - all of the students had a great sense of achievement and were happy to take their goods home."

Chantelle said: "It was really exciting to find out how to make bread and how all the ingredients worked – especially the yeast."

 Our primary visitors embarked on an exploration into the wonderful world of clay with Mr Welbourne.

‘It was fun and quite hard," said Jake from Montpelier.

"I got lots of help from Mr Welbourne.- it is the first time I have used clay and I would like to do it again.  I liked the throwing best."

Another activity was an event at Plymouth University where Year 10 HAP students attended a further maths workshop - Maths Is Your Future.

HAP students knead to know

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