15 June 2017

Students at the College got the chance to hone their poetry skills when Plymouth's poet laureate Thom Boulton paid a visit.

 Thom spent the afternoon with Year 7 and 8 students working on their poetry writing.

"Students who have taken and passed the most quizzes on the Accelerated Reader programme were invited to attend the workshop as a reward," explained English teacher Mrs Yates.

"Thom shared some of his own poetry and then tasked Year 7 with a  What’s In The Box? poetry challenge and Year 8 were set a Where Did The Bus Go? poetry assignment.

"This resulted in some fantastic pieces of work from students. Thom plans to use some of their work on his website!"

Thom – who performs under the name Blaidh Nemorlith – is a primary school teacher and is the city's second poet laureate.

Plymouth Poet Laureate is a two-year role offered by Plymouth City Council with the support of Plymouth Culture and Literature Works.

Thom said he'd had "a lovely time" working with the students.

"You have a great bunch of writers!" he said.

Here’s Year 8 student Glen's poem for which he was awarded a creative writing notebook, Edie in Year 7 was also given a notebook for her work.

The Magic School Bus

Where is the bus?
I don’t know.
Maybe it’s in Britain drinking boiling hot tea
Maybe in France miming a taxi
It could be in Italy eating my mum’s pasta.
I don’t know.
It could transform into a rocket ship on Mars finding Martians to show around!
It could be on the rings of Saturn jumping from ring to ring.
He could be learning spells at the wizarding school Hogwarts trying to defeat Lord Voldemort!
He could be on the death star flashing his lightsabre smashing the emperor.
He’s a warrior, he’s alive; he is the magic school bus.

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