Self Isolation Work


If a student is at home for 14 days (or awaiting a test result) then the following work is available to them and they are encouraged to complete it if they are well enough.

  1. All students have ‘subject sheets’ giving the topics they are studying at present in their books.  Students should use Hegarty Maths and Tassomai to complete these for Maths and Science.

  2. Students can research the other subjects if they wish

  3. Bedrock will be introduced to all students to support their English work.

  4. All students have been given knowledge organiser booklets. They should use these to self quiz and to develop their knowledge retention of these key facts.

  5. Students are encouraged to read for at least 20 minutes a day.

  6. Students should (where possible) try to stay active and healthy - use of Joe Wicks PE clips are a suggestion.

  7. BTEC subjects can use google classroom


If a year group or the whole college goes into a lockdown then we will be reverting to a wider online lesson programme.