Reading every day is an important activity for every student.  You can access a variety of books and e-books via your interactive timetable.  There are links to the tutor reading programme, reading follow up activities, free audio books from Audible and The Day free daily newspaper.  You can also access our library of e-books - further details below.


College e-reader

To keep up with your daily reading target you can use our College e-reader subscription from smart phones and devices at home. There are over 1000 titles to choose from, each with information about the genre and reading age.


You will need to download the app to read the titles but you can manage your book loans on a PC. Search for 'wheelers' in the app store. It will appear as e-reader wheelers. Once downloaded you will be asked to search for a library; type in 'stoke damerel'. 


You will need to 'sign in' to start reading. Use your College email address and password for this.




E-books and Audiobooks of the Week 21 May

E-books and Audiobooks of the Week 14 May

E-books and Audiobooks of the Week 7 May

E-books and Audiobook of the Week 30 April

E-books and Audiobook of the Week 23 April