Our aim at Stoke Damerel Community College is to grow better and healthy lives both within the College but also the wider community in Stoke and Devonport.
Our vision links to the local and national government health agenda and the Plymouth Wellbeing Strategy and priorities.
Stoke Damerel has been recognised over many years in Plymouth for its contribution to the city’s health agenda, including receiving the Gold Healthy Child Quality mark. Our recent Ofsted inspection recognised that the school “gives pupils’ health and welfare a high priority so that pupils are well supported when facedwith personal and emotional difficulties.”  In 2017 Stoke Damerel Community College sponsored Scott Medical and Healthcare College located in the main campus, a small school focusing on educating the next generation of healthcare professionals.
How do we plan to achieve this?
Our aspiration is for the Stoke Damerel site to become a focal hub within the community to promote healthy living in practice by:
• Developing awareness of mental and physical health issues
• To develop new facilities in the heart of our community to make taking part
in sport and physical activity a realistic, affordable option
• Provide resources and programmes to improve mental and physical health,
exercise and nutrition
1. Leading active and healthy lifestyles
What we do now: A variety of community groups use part of our sporting facilities during evenings and weekends
Future projects:
• Our proposed plan is to further open up our existing facilities to the community during evenings and weekends

The full-size 3G indoor arena is an exciting development for the College, for Stoke and for the city.
The dome is a unique all-weather structure providing a year-round high-quality sporting venue for the College’s young people, local primary schools, the surrounding community and all current users of our sporting facilities.
The Stoke Sports Dome complements the city’s healthy living agenda and its vision of Wellbeing Hubs.
1. Leading active and healthy lifestyles
A variety of community groups use part of our sporting facilities during evenings and weekends

2. Improving mental health and wellbeing
What we do now:
• Mindfulness programme
The College offers mindfulness sessions to students taking examinations as well as staff
• Young Carers’ project
Our Young Carers group .TRUST, meet weekly and engage in many group events

Future projects:
We plan to offer these mindfulness sessions during the evenings to our local community
We aim to develop our involvement in the Kidstime programme which supports young people living with a parent or sibling affected
by mental illness

Stoke Damerel is working towards becoming a Trauma Sensitive School

3. Raising awareness of mental and physical health issues
Dementia croquet
The school was the first winner of the Outstanding School Dementia
Friendly National Award from the Alzheimer’s Society. Every six
weeks many local residents join our students for a game of croquet
and tea.
Sports Leadership Academy - Play Unified. Working with primary
schools and special schools our young sports leaders engage in a
programme with our special schools to play football to cross barriers to
communication, friendship and understanding between young people
with different needs
Current College health and wellbeing projects
• Annual Health fair
• Walk to school initiative
• Self-esteem, Friendship, Sexual Health, Healthy
Eating and Mindfulness Programmes
• Pupils Health-related Behaviour survey
• Sports Academy
• Sports Leaders
• Generation Click – parent advice on online safety
• Young Carers Club - .TRUST
• Active breakfast club
• Counselling & mentoring
• Who Cares? Living with Mental Health programme
How can you be involved in developing our Growing
Better Lives Health Hub at Stoke Damerel?
• Commit to using our facilities
• Offer financial support through donations from local
businesses, residents’ associations or schools
• Become a sponsor of our College community health and
wellbeing Strategy
• Join our Residents’ Group