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 The first Blow Your Mind day of the academic year included a zombie apocalypse challenge and a session on code-breaking.

"Last year we introduced Blow Your Mind as an enrichment programme for High Achieving Pupils (HAPs), it was very successful and the student feedback about it was very positive," explained Mrs Beacham, Assistant Vice Principal (HAPs). 

"We are confident that we can introduce them to even more amazing and challenging activities this year.

"Each teaching cycle selected HAPs from each year group will be able to work with a different department and do something they will not have the chance to do in normal lessons.

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"All of the research shows that HAPs who have the enrichment opportunities of teambuilding, problem-solving, resource allocation, leadership and the like in a context that is outside of their normal experience will have improved aspirations and academic performance.

"Along the way we hope they will have a lot of fun as well!"

If you have any questions about HAPs or would like to get involved please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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 This time there were activities across most year groups in English, Creative Industries, EBACC, Maths and PE.

Year 9 students became a team of government advisors helping guide London through a zombie apocalypse.   

Student Stan said he found the activity "really fun".

"We have the freedom to make a decision about who we choose to give the last place on a rocket to Mars to and it's fun to try to convince each other who we should choose."

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My Plymouth was the theme of a design and screen-printing workshop for Year 10 based on the shapes within the architecture of Plymouth.
Students created their own designs then learned the technique of screen printing.

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Billy said it was a good chance to try something new. "I didn't choose Art GCSE so it's really good to have a go at something new."  

 Year 7 students turned into codebreakers - learning about different methods of creating codes like the Caesar cipher and Wingdings.

They also learned about the enigma machine and the importance of Bletchley Park in WW2.

Lucy said cracking the codes was "hard but good".

"It's a very interesting activity."

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The Sixth form students had a presentation from an ex-marine Andrew Tucker  who is now owner of Commando Health and Fitness.

He talked about his life in the Marines and how he has set up his business in sports therapy, personal training and group fitness.

That was followed by a practical session of self-defence work.

blow your mind 1

Year 8 students took part in an EBACC Bake Off. Split into groups they researched one European country and produced a factfile and created a replica of a famous building or monument using Fairtrade cake and calculating the budget for ingredients used. Students presented their findings including phrases spoken in the language of their chosen country.

"It's really good fun," said Monty, who was making a Welsh dragon with his group.

"We've been working out how to stick our ingredients together and how to work as a team."

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