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Year 11 student Simon is writing a blog about life at the College for his Duke of Edinburgh's Award - read the first one here

 "Hello my name is Simon and this is my intro for my blog.

I am doing this blog for my Duke of Edinburgh's Award (D of E) as part of my Skills Section for journalism.
The reason I am doing my D of E award is so I can go to university in the future and they will see I have achieved a D of E Award on my UCAS form.

Finally, the reason why I want to do Journalism is because I am interested in news and current affairs, I like discussing events in the news and reading more about what is happening.

Year 11 can be a challenging year - I've had my PPEs and I'm preparing for my real exams and attending revision classes after school on Mondays and Tuesdays. I have been doing my best to go through it all as I really want to be successful in the future and I have to work hard for it to happen.

So there we have it - my first entry on my blog. Stay tuned for more updates."

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