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More than 300 students learned lifesaving CPR techniques in one day as part of the British Heart Foundation initiative Restart A Heart.

The BHF says that if you suffer a cardiac arrest out of hospital in the UK, you have less than a one in ten chance of surviving so the aim of Restart A Heart Day on 18 October was to train as many young people as possible in CPR techniques and Mrs Mann, the College's first aider, ran CPR sessions throughout the day.

She applied to receive a CPR training kit from the BHF and the College now has 35 manikins for students to practice on.

British Heart Foundation: Restart A Heart

"We were thrilled to get the grant from the BHF," said Mrs Mann.
"It was quite a challenge to train so many students in one day but with the excellent BHF training film and help from College staff we are really pleased to have trained so many students in one day.

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"Our young people certainly appreciated how important the training was and are proud to be part of a nation of lifesavers."

The aim is for all 1,400 students in the College to have been CPR trained by the end of the academic year.
Mr Cox - headteacher of Scott Medical and Healthcare College which Stoke Damerel is sponsoring - was one of a group of staff to also receive the training.

"The Restart a Heart initiative is such an important campaign, training young people to save lives and you never know when they will need it," said Mr Cox.

"Extending this sort of training is what we plan to do with all of our students who want to prepare for a career in medicine and health and social care as part of their education at Scott College which opens in September next year.

"Stoke Damerel has sponsored our school - which is for 14 to 19-year-olds - to deepen and embed healthcare and prepare young people for much-needed healthcare jobs."


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Year 8 student Stella was one of the students to receive the training and later appeared on BBC Spotlight to demonstrate what she had learned on live television.

"I think it's really good to have this training," said Stella, 13.

"You might come across someone who needs help and the adult might not know what to do about it but the child will,” she said.

"I might have felt scared to help if I was with someone who wasn't breathing but the training has made me confident that I would be able to help and I would know what to do."

The British Heart Foundation said: "The commitment to getting CPR training into Stoke Damerel Community College will help to increase the survival rates.

“We sent the College a state-of-the-art CPR training kit because we know that when we invest in schools like theirs, hundreds - maybe even thousands - of young people will learn skills that could make the difference between life and death."

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