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The new recruits for the CCF were put through their paces with the First Look Exercise at the beginning of the academic year.

 Miss Walters, the College's Adult Cadet Officer, wrote this account of the exercise:

"The new recruits had yet to pick which division they wanted to be part of and the First Look Exercise was an excellent opportunity for students to see what type of activities they will be doing within the CCF.

Eleven students from the College went to Tregantle Fort for the weekend where they tasted military life by firstly camping in the old armoury ports outside.

Then the students took part in a number of teambuilding exercises where they had to complete set challenges in the quickest time, competing against the cadets from Plymouth College.

Our Senior Cadets Kacper and Luke were responsible for helping teach and train the new recruits and they were simply amazing at sorting everything out and were also rather good at giving orders!

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That night the students learnt what was in a military ration box and learnt camp craft skills such as how to build and make a fire and cook their delicious ration food!

'Fantastic ambassadors'

The following day the students had a series of activities they had to complete. Firstly, in their teams they had to complete an Escape and Evade exercise where the students camouflaged their faces and had to escape from the sentry points on the fort. This was a brilliant exercise and the students found ingenious ways of hiding from the teachers!

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The students then went on a high-speed powerboating experience where they learnt basic powerboat handling skills.

They then finished off with learning how to sail two Navy boats (Chaverton Champ and VT Halmatic crafts) at Jupiter point.

Finally the students were able to experience live firing on the range using air rifles. The students had to learn how to strip down the weapon and then were tasked with trying to hit the various targets from balloons to paper targets.  

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The College's cadets were fantastic ambassadors and they showed a real sense of achievement and enjoyment throughout the whole experience.

Two highlights in particular came from Sara, who was part of the winning team. And finally Sajad who beat every single cadet there to claim the most accurate shot! 

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