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Ex-student Mark Ormrod was one of six inspiring speakers at the College's second Future Talks event.

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This year's theme was Hopes and Dreams and as well as Mark, students heard from Capt Ellie Ablett, Jo and Toby Gorniak, Ben Mee, Stephen Seki and Roxana Haines.
Ex-marine Mark, who is now a motivational speaker, spoke to the College's Sixth Form and students from schools across the city about his time at the College and the events of Christmas Eve 2007 when he was on patrol in Afghanistan and stepped on and triggered an IED.
He talked about his life since that day - including his recent success in the Invictus Games - with his message of focusing on what you can do not what you can't.
"Whether it's the most extreme or the smallest challenge - you shouldn't make excuses about doing whatever it takes to achieve what you want to achieve,” said Mark.

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Capt Ablett – the commanding officer of HMS Raleigh - shared her six pieces of advice: invest effort in building personal resilience, every day each of us can learn something, treat people as you would wish to be treated, be your authentic self, be kind to yourself and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
"I can see it's my failures rather than my successes that have made me who I am," Capt Ablett told the audience.
 Ben Mee, owner of Dartmoor Zoo spoke about how he came to own a zoo and the challenges he faced.
"You have your whole lives ahead of you," he told the audience.
"Be ready to embrace what's in front of you - you can do anything you put your mind to."

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Stephen Seki, a pharmacist in Devonport talked about his upbringing in Uganda and how he came to the UK at the age of 10.
"It was fantastic morning," he said.
"I hope your students enjoyed it - I want them to know that life can be hard but you can make the impossible possible by taking one step, then another."

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Toby and Jo from Street Factory taught the audience some moves and asked them to approach life with respect, peace, unity and by having have fun.
"I hope we gave them some inspiration," said Jo.
"I'd say to them to follow their dreams and be brave and be the best you."
Theatre and opera director Roxana Haines talked about her life and the teachers who inspired her
"I feel privileged to have been on such an incredible panel - I hope the students will see the value in being able to embrace the diversity of such a range of humans.”
"What was most interesting was how every speaker - without knowing what the others were going to say - focused on the importance of the 'why'."

"That’s what I’d like the audience to think about,” said Moj Taylor – who compered the event for Push.

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"Once again Future Talks was a truly inspirational morning with an excellent mix of speakers with thought-provoking stories to tell," said Mrs Brooking, the College's Careers and Employability advisor.

"I’d like to thank all of our speakers,Next Steps SW and Moj Taylor from Push.
"Our students and visitors were buzzing afterwards and already looking forward to the next one - it looks like Future Talks are going to become a regular fixture in our calendar."

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