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Key Stage 3 students have been praised for their creative approach to  Home Learning in History.

"One of the key skills for studying History is understanding interpretation, being able to make sense of other peoples’ views about events and people from the past," explained Mr Winders, Head of History.

history home 1

 "Students from Years 8 and 9 have been tasked with the challenge of  creating their own interpretations of events for home learning.

"Students have been very creative - from the Year 8s studying World War One work has come in the form of full diaries chronicling trench conditions in the war, creative trenches with shreddies used for sandbags and bespoke biscuits telling the story of Franz Ferdinand’s assassination with one biscuit having a car on and another decorated with different flags."

history home 2

Year 9s studying Crime and Punishment projects ranged from artistic efforts to culinary.

"In Year 9 there was chocolate cake of a witch being burned at the stake and another cake of a beheading.

"They were gruesome and creative, which is part of what makes History so exciting - the creativity from students was off the scale, it was brilliant," said Mr Winders.

"We’ve spoken to so many students about using their work to display for open evening it was that good.

"One young student worked with his grandad making weapons from the war, which were fantastic. To see generations of people coming together to share History and families getting to spend quality time together because of this is amazing."

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