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The newest Modern Britain Council has had its first meeting and decided to help other students find out more about the election.

 Modern Britain is a curriculum subject introduced at Key Stage 3 for students to understand British values in today's society

"Students study a range of topics which cover Diversity, Tolerance, Democracy, Mutual Respect, Rule of Law and Enterprise," explained Mrs Burn, who co-ordinates Modern Britain in the College. 

"We decided to set up a council to ensure our students had a way of raising awareness of the ideas in Modern Britain and to empower them to promote the issues raised within the College and its community," said Mrs Burn.

Click HERE for the College's Modern Britain statement

The council - made up of six students - will meet at least twice every term.

 "This is our second year of running the Council and I'm very impressed with how decisive the students have been about deciding what they want to do first."

The students held their first meeting in the staffroom with executive principal Mrs Hannaford where they discussed the upcoming election and the major parties and their manifestos.

Year 7 student Harley said it was "important" to be part of the Council.

"It's really important to learn about things like the Rule of Law and tolerance and respect," he said.


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