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The College's CCF recruits had to survive on basic rations at Tregantle Fort as part of an activity weekend.

Mr Broomfield - the College's CCF co-ordinator - took 10 students to Tregantle Fort for CCF on the weekend of  25/26 February

"The students represented themselves and Stoke Damerel Community College to perfection.

The weekend consisted of us surviving on basic rations where students had to cook for themselves. Students had to sleep outside in the freezing cold and strong wind, but did not complain once.

Over the weekend the students had many activities and new opportunities given to them. First of all, the students and I learned different patrol patterns and had to conduct one in the middle of the night and find out information about the enemy.

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Secondly, we had a lesson in the classroom about hand signals which we then put into practice in another patrol around the Fort. Next, we were introduced to TIBUA (training in built up areas) this involved learning how to invade, attack and clear a building as an assault group using rifles with blank bullets.

Lastly, using all the skills they had learned over the weekend students were split into assault teams and had to patrol into the fort and eliminate the enemy. 

It was lovely to see these pupils excelling and enjoying themselves whilst learning. The fantastic weekend was topped off with Kasper being promoted to a Sergeant which means he is the first person ever from Stoke Damerel to receive this rank."

Mr Broomfield said the students also took part in a vigorous training exercise on weapon handling on 27 January 2017.

"It involved being able to strip an SA80 assault rifle and put it back together again, as well as being able to load and reload the weapon, using all the safety checks. The students have been making great progress and the Sergeant is very impressed.

They will also undertake their weapons handling test, which if they pass will allow them access to shoot on the firing range in a few weeks.

The students have been working so hard, well done to them all."

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