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A group of students took part in the Plymouth Schools Indoor Rowing Championships - read Mr Broomfield's account of how they got on.

 "Over the past six weeks Mr Stewart and I have been trawling the ranks at SDCC in search of 300 Spartan-like warriors to take part in Plymouth Schools Indoor Rowing Championships.
Going into the competition the odds were already stacked against us given the fact we knew a few other schools had professional rowers in their teams.
Undeterred we stormed the gates at the competition, determined not to show any kind of chink in our armour.
We knew in our hearts our training prep had gone well and all those gruelling icy morning runs, mountain climbs and bear-wrestling would pay off (in most cases we just used the rower in the gym).
We didn’t demand they win, we only demanded they give us 100%. 

rowing team photo 2
In the arena we looked left to see district champions and looked right to see previous winners from other nearby schools and here our students were stuck in the middle with Mr Stewart and I, however, we refused to show our nerves to the students, there's no room for softness... not in Sparta. No place for weakness.
As the first gladiatorial rowing contest commenced, we knew everything that could have been done in preparation had been done.
There were some epic battles that surely would have sold out the Amphitheatrum Caesareum but did we win?
No, I’m afraid we don’t have a fairytale ending, but the world will know that 10 students from the College SDCC stood amongst national champions and that few stood against many, and before this battle was over, we knew we would be the last school standing. We were the people’s champions and I think we won something more than just a trophy, we won respect and the ability to stand up against adversity.
Overall, it was a fantastic evening and the students made us very proud.

Mr Broomfield


The rowers:



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