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 girls football 1

A group of girls from the College have met the FA's Head of Women's Football as part of a leadership course.

Baroness Sue Campbell was a guest at the FA's Leadership and Officiating Award event at the Life Centre on 23 January 2017 which nine Stoke Damerel students attended.

 As part of the programme they were able to speak to Baroness Campbell - former head of UK Sports, chairperson of Youth Sport Trust and newly-appointed Head of Women's Football.

girls football 3

"The girls were able to have their picture taken with her and ask questions relating to how they would like to see girls' football improve throughout England," said PE teacher Mr Thomas, who accompanied the group.

girls football 2

"She has a target of doubling the number of females playing football in England and was very keen to recruit ambassadors to drive this message into schools.

 "The girls took to all the challenges and activities with great enthusiasm and confidence," said Mr Thomas.

"They have earned a Football Association qualification (to add to their ever expanding CVs) and will be making use of it to help in primary schools and local clubs.

"Each of our students behaved impeccably at all times and really were a credit to the school."

Year 9 student Chardonnay said: "It was a really good day - we learned many different skills including coaching, refereeing and also played some matches.

 "It was very interesting to meet Baroness Campbell, I agree with her plans to make girls' football more important in the UK."

Stoke Damerel News Archive 2016-17


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