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The College's CCF Cadets were given a chance to put all the skills they've learnt into practice at their annual summer camp at Torpoint.

They took part in a variety of activities at Scraesdon Fort near Torpoint at the two-day camp last week and Miss Walters wrote this account of their experience:

"Day One: The students practiced their house clearing skills but this had nothing to do with hoovers or dusters!

The students got to practice how to clear out rooms using rifles and grenades. The cadets had to work as part of a team and follow senior cadet orders to complete the mission. Later in the afternoon, using these skills, the students were able to fire at targets that were placed around the fort and practiced what they would do with casualties.
It became a long and tiring day, because, after their dinner of rations, the Cadets were informed of their new mission. News had arrived that the enemy (in the form of the Royal Marines) were planning a dawn attack and that the Marines were going to scout the area looking for weak points in the fort. Therefore the Army were broken up into nighttime patrols in order to catch sight of the enemy overnight.

ccf pic 3 use

Day Two: 4am – the sounds of firing can be heard, the Marines had arrived! This mission saw the Army take on the Marines and force them out of the Fort, they used a combination of smoke grenades and lots of ammo! The Army worked seamlessly and followed orders and worked their way along the fort firing at the enemy and taking over safe areas.
Once the Marines had been defeated, the Cadets had a sniper talk and then used these skills to try and target the Colonel of the CCF.
Our own Cadet, Sajad, came very close to being the top sniper of the weekend!

The Cadets from all sections should be very proud of the work they've achieved this year.
They have all learnt so much and have been a credit to the College on their final exercise of the year.

If any students in Years 10-13 are interested in joining they need to see Miss Walters or Mr Broomfield in PE for an application form.

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CCF Blog: 17 March 2015

Stoke Damerel News Archive: Academic Year 2015/16


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