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Year 7 Geography students have been studying volcanoes and have made their own and even made them erupt!.

 Year 7 Megan has written this report about learning about volcanoes.

"Last half term our Year 7 class were studying volcanoes. We studied Mount St Helens and discovered lots of interesting things about it.

Our teacher Mr Campion set us some homework but it was not the usual writing homework, we had to make a volcano!

We built the volcanoes out of papier-mâché and painted or decorated them then we spent a whole lesson erupting the volcanoes.

volcano crop 2

There were some big and some small - the biggest was made by Maisie and the smallest was made by Luke, although Luke’s exploded the best!

We erupted over 20 volcanoes (some people did not want to explode theirs!) and we all really enjoyed the lesson. "

Megan, Year 7


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