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Year 7 Art students took a unique approach to learning about mixing colour - by doing it with icing instead of paint.

 "The aim was to get them to understand how the primary colours can go on to make a whole rainbow of colours," explained Art teacher Mrs Moorcroft.

"They were given three pots containing icing sugar and water and we added red, yellow and blue food colouring. 

"They added the primary colour icing onto biscuits and  were then given three more to make the secondary colours. 

textiles biscuits 2

"Once they had completed this they had to explore how to make the tertiary colours on an additional six biscuits."

Mrs Moorcroft said the students all said that decorating the biscuits was a "fantastic" way to learn about colour mixing. 

"I think it was a really successful lesson and hopefully they will remember what they learned in future to benefit their mixing skills when painting and colouring," she said.



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