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A group of Year 7 students have made a film about joining secondary school as part of an Into Film project.

 Into Film is a film education charity which puts film at the heart of the educational and personal development of young people across the UK.

Watch Corridors of the Dead from SDCC Media & Film on Vimeo

The College's students have been taking part in Into Film's See It Make It initiative which this time has looked at the transition experience for 11-year-olds moving from primary to secondary school.

Into Film: See It Make It

"The group has been meeting twice a week after school to develop their ideas since September," explained media technician Mr Darch.

"They have been learn about the pre-production process of filmmaking and put this into practice writing and planning their own film to a brief provided by Into Film."

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 Initially students watched and analysed short films and studied storytelling for film before developing their own ideas into a script which they filmed with the help of Keith Phillips from Ideal Films on 8 December 2015.

The end result is their two-minute film called Corridors of The Dead which follows a group of Year 7s who are trying to make it to the First Aid room but are chased by Sixth form "zombies".

"The group was asked to come up with an idea about the transition from primary to secondary and chose the zombies as a metaphor for feeling scared of Sixth formers," said Mr Darch.

"I was very pleasantly surprised how well they grasped the more complex concepts," said Keith.

"Between them they wrote a really good story, which Kieron and Ellie turned into a great script.

"On the filming day all the students worked really hard to film and edit their script.

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"They rose to all the challenges that filmmaking regularly throws up and maintained their drive and discipline right until the end of the day.

"I was hugely impressed that they were able shoot the whole film and edit it in just one day - it was also really nice that they all contributed to the editing."

"The aim of the project was to give the students a high quality experience of filmmaking with a professional, to make something creative that they can all be proud to share ownership of - it is their film.

'Totally inspired'

"We also aim to help the student develop other things such as team-working and confidence.

"The young people we work with are always delighted and surprised by what they have been able to produce and I hope the students at Stoke Damerel experienced a similar outcome."

 Kieron was the director of the film which he said was "easy and hard".

"People did do what I asked them to do and I feel that it went well and we did a really good job - I'm looking forward to watching it on a big screen."

And his favourite part of the process?

"The editing I think - it was really fun, playing around and seeing how we could make it look - I'd definitely do it again if I had the chance."

 Mr Darch said he was "totally inspired" by how hard the students worked and how well they worked together.

 "The final product is something they can all be immensely proud of," he said.


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