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 A group of students enjoyed a trip to the National Marine Aquarium as part of their Geography studies.


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Read their accounts here:

" Last week we went on a geography trip to the aquarium. We got really wet from the rain walking there. All of us got a worksheet of the four main parts of the aquarium which are Atlantic Ocean, Plymouth Sound, Blue Planet and the Great Barrier Reef.

We got into small groups and walked around the aquarium to gather information. We went to talks about the aquarium and shows about the fish. We learnt a lot of facts and things about sea creatures and the ocean. It was interesting seeing some of the fish that I had never even heard of.

"Olivia and Daisy


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"We learned a lot about jellyfish and found out that they reproduce again and again but they only live for six months. We also found out that Mrs Paice is scared of octopi.

"Abbie and Kailah

 " It was so wet on the day - wet, rain and fog - Geography at its best."



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Rewarding Maths Trip To Aquarium

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