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druming workshop

Students were given the chance to join a "brilliant" workshop to learn more about Native American culture and traditions.

 Chief Dancing Two Eagle Spirit - Sandy Laframboise - came from her home in Canada to speak to students as part of a visit arranged by the Plymouth Centre for Faiths and Cultural Diversity.

Sandy - an Elder Native American Indian - talked to students about her culture and traditions and brought along many items for them to see and touch before leading a drumming session assisted by Lorna Coulson who has led drumming workshops in the College before as part of the Dementia Project.

Dancing To Eagle Spirit Society

The students sang a song which past Sixth formers had composed in a previous session with Lorna.

"It was lovely to bring a heartsong created by your former students back to the College for a new group to perform," said Lorna.

After the session Music teacher Miss Copestake said: "I think the students will have a better understanding of what respecting other cultures really means from Chief Dancing Two Eagle Spirit." 

"Spirit’s physical presence and stories of American Indian culture prompted the students to ask questions and really think about their treatment of people from other cultures," she said.

 drumming workshop 2

 "The musical activities taught the students that music has different purposes - whilst we might listen to it for enjoyment, in some cultures it is used to converse and relay mood."

Sandy said she had a "great" morning at the College.

 "Your students are awesome," she said.

"They asked me all kind of questions and I really enjoyed meeting them. I was also very pleased to present them with a special drum that they can keep and use in their own drumming sessions."

Year 8 student Tyler said it had been a "brilliant" lesson.

"I learned lots of things I didn't know about a way of life that could have become extinct.

"I especially enjoyed the drumming - it was really fun."

 Drumming Workshop Marks Dementia Week

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